What was your favorite part of going to high school?

Was it your exhilarating English teacher that you had at 8 am?

Maybe your favorite Math teacher at right after lunch.

For me, I loved after school when it was time to go to practice.

Sure I worked hard in the classroom so I didn’t get killed by my parents,

But I loved competing.

I particularly loved my high school baseball coach.

He was tough, disciplined, and knew the game unlike anyone that I had been around.

He commanded a room.

When he spoke, everyone listened….or there was a price to pay.

If you didn’t listen quite the way he expected,

He had this unique way of lowering the bill of his hat and

Placing it right on the bridge of a players’ nose.

He talked, the player listened.

That’s how to approach your thinking.

Talk to yourself more than you listen to yourself.

Let me repeat that… talk to yourself more than you listen to yourself.

Most of you are great listeners to your thoughts…especially the negative ones.

The ones that breed fear and anxiety.

They paralyze you before you speak in public,

They victimize you before you have a difficult conversation with your spouse.

You’ve lived your whole life listening to your thoughts.

Realize the lies these thoughts are telling you.

Begin to do what people tell you not to do….talk to yourself.

Tell yourself that you are perfect, just the way you are.

You are courageous.





Tell yourself all of the good things about you.

Begin to believe them.

Become your biggest fan.

Watch your life change.

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