Our brains like to ask us questions all day long.  This is normal.  But the truth is,  most of us don’t even realize we have these constant questions playing over and over each day or that we have the ability to do something about it.

What I recommend is that you make sure they are useful questions.  You’ll know by whether the possible answers to the questions provide you with useful information or not.

Q: What’s wrong with me.

A: Most likely a lot.

As you can see, this is not a useful question.

Q: What do I appreciate about me, shortcomings and all?

A: I am a great at organization.

That question and answer feels much better, right?

Q: Why is my spouse so difficult?

A: I have no clue.

Not very useful.

Q: What is she struggling with?

A: Maybe she is insecure and not as confident as I thought she was.

This information is certainly more useful.

Q: Why can’t I ever stick to my exercise program?

A: Because you’re weak and undisciplined.


Q: What is one small thing I could do differently that would be more useful?

A: I could walk 15 minutes each day.

Much better.

This week, keep asking questions.  Notice the ones that consistently run through your brain and begin to choose them more wisely.  Your answers may just shock you.