Have you ever tried to “fix” someone?

To make them act in a way that suits you?

You know, when they aren’t living up to your standards.

And you feel embarrassed because they share your last name?

It’s usually those closest to you – like your spouse, your sibling, your kids, or your parents.

If they would only live like you want them to live,

Your life would be so much better.  And you’re sure their life would be better.

But in reality, when you try to fix someone,

It not only drives them crazy but it drives you crazy.

The more you try to impose how you think others should live,

The greater the divide you create in the relationship.

It’s because people were created to be themselves

To have dreams

Make mistakes



And navigate this world in their own unique way.

When you let people be who they were meant to be – nothing more, nothing less,

You both live free.

I have a client who is currently working through this process.

It’s not natural to him.

He wants to control others.

He’s learning to let go.

One day at a time.

His life is changing.

Yours can too.