There is a simple saying that I love.  It’s only two words.  Two words that when taken seriously can change a person’s life, a company’s culture, or the dynamic of a family.  Two words that can influence a team and help set the course for a disciplined life.  What are these two words? Everything matters. Simple, yet profound.  When everything matters, well, everything matters! How you treat people, how you treat your body, what food you eat, how you approach your workout routine, how you approach your work.  How you talk to your spouse. By the way, when is the last time you’ve opened a door for her?  It all matters. 

When one part of your life doesn’t matter, it affects the other parts of your life that do.  If you drink too much it affects your ability to make sound decisions, or to be present with your family.  When you don’t take care of your mind you think negative thoughts and start to spiral down a long dangerous path of negativity.    What area of your life do you need to change today to ensure it really matters?  What’s the one area that if you took control of, would change your life forever? I’m sure something came quickly to mind.  That’s the one to work on now.